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There is no plan here; please enjoy the random. And the Dragon Age.
And so much crying about G'loot Praktaw. And gin?
NSFW happens, but I try to keep it behind the cuts.

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Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

  • their 
  • okay
  • but
  • though
  • say
  • no
  • and
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  • me


A little update on Solstice development progress in between all the Cinders & Steam stuff.

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so HEY, I made my 1k word count today, and some of them were actually on the original goal for the month 

shocking, I know :D

And hey, clearly that make me choose meme was a brilliant idea, and I have a whole bunch of wonderful prompts to work my way through, so thanks, everyone. <3

and now I am suddenly tired and going to read a little and go to sleep

NN, darlings, and sweet dreams

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make me choose - Sebastian/Fenris or Sebastian/Isabela

To her crew, Fenris was first mate.  Sleek and deadly and sharp-eared, as much a good luck charm as any ship’s cat; as much of a shadowy threat behind her every word as any Captain could desire.

Not that she needed anyone else to be threatening for her, of course, but it was fun, watching the squabbies squirm before that sharp green scowl of his.

And when they couldn’t avoid a boarding action, the swing of his sword and those sharp impossible gauntlets plunging into someone else’s chest was always good for morale.

In port, it was Sebastian’s turn.  Clean and handsome and more polite than any Harbormaster ever expected from a ‘freelancer’, capable of the most arrogant lift of his chin as he stared down his nose at any merchant that tried to cheat them, and then that stupidly sweet smile would break free for any poor lost townie looking for a ship or a deal or a helping hand towards a reputable inn.

She’d been more than a decent enough Captain on her own, but she had to admit, it was surprisingly pleasant to have the usual waterlogged riff-raff remember hers as a ship it was good to work with, or on, with decent prizes and a reputable crew.  To have her regular Ports of Call looking forward to her ship’s return, in fact.

Or at the very least looking forward to the sight of Sebastian cheerfully humming as he strolled down the docks, Fenris striding along silently behind him, a hint of a smile as he tilted his head and listened.

Perhaps she was the one who enjoyed that, actually.   

But they were just so very pretty … who could blame her?

make me choose - Bethany or Carver

At five, they were the same height, prone to skinned knees and tangled hair and grass-stained clothes, as almost every game ended in an argument, and one of them getting shoved into the dirt.

Or occasionally the pond.

Which was where Carver found the frogs.

She slipped extra pepper in his soup in revenge.

He stuck her shoes outside overnight to get rained on.

In some ways, nailing her braid to the bed was easier to clean up, all those years later, than soaked and stained leather that next morning.


At ten, she was taller than him, coltish in the way most young girls were, awkward and shy, hands twisted behind her back as if she could hold in the unexpected shock of magic just beginning to spark between her fingers.

He was the only one who she would let hold her hand.


At fifteen, he shot up almost two heads taller than her, shoulders too thin yet to support all that height, wrist and ankles too broad, sticking out of all his clothes, no matter how recently their mother had tried to let them out.

His voice would crack, any time someone teased him, until Bethany was the only one he bothered to talk to at all.

The only one who could laugh, and make him smile, instead of hunching down tight, as if trying to hide behind his own scowl.


At eighteen, for the first and last time, they no longer stood together, side to side or back to back, but had to face the future alone.

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make me choose - Sebastian or Isabela

It took so long to make an arrow.

A straight shaft, sanded and shaped, sinews soaked, feathers trimmed, the proper head made if necessary, if possible, purchased if not, steel or stone or wood, pointed or blunt, everything measured, and formed, and attached, just so, clean and straight and even to make it fly, straight and true, to make it spin, just enough.

It took years of practice, of learning the draw, tasting the air and feeling the pull of wood and string and arm and shoulder, until you could pull it fully back, could aim by feel instead of sight, could watch it soar.

Could feel it take only a breath of time, between when you set it free, and when it killed.

So little time to take a life.

All those hours gone.

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make me choose

Send me two characters/ships/movies/games/books/anything and I’ll tell you through a drabble/ficlet which one I prefer!

so I am really enjoying all these make me choose edits wandering across my dash, but I cannot art … if I promised ficlets instead would you guys be interested?

i saw your post about tagging, and while i'm tagging everything i post about DAI with some phrase that begins with "dragon age inquisition" i'm worried things might be getting through! i am trying to avoid overwhelming the tracked tags with my text posts by using different phrases that all start with "dragon age inquisition" but if there's something specific i can tag for your convenience, i'm happy to do that!

As long as it is somewhere in the post or tags, blacklist and ts will both pick it up.  Doesn’t have to just be the standard #DA:I tag, or whatever.  (I personally have DAI, DA:I, DA3, Dragon Age 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Inquisition and Inquisitor on my list, so that’s all you need. One of those. Somewhere in something.)

Also you’re perfect, I have never had a single one of your posts break through. <3

(Also this is true for other fandoms or politics or sj issues, if you don’t want to use the basic tag and have it show up in tag tracking.)