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Joker or Varric?
make me choose: Jeffrey Moreau

Joker hated being grounded.  

Especially back on Earth.

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Make you choose: Aveline or Merrill?

Apparently these sat long enough I realized I was going to fail to choose. This is nominally more Aveline.  Just a bit.  Immediately post-game. 

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Prompt for you! Ella and Joker, practical jokes (either on each other or on crew mates, I'm not picky, please!

ok, this is going to sound really weird, considering how I usually write them, but they are both much too professional to practical joke in my head. I can’t even tweak it to have it on shore leave or something; they both sort of glare at me. I may have too narrow a mental definition of ‘practical joke’ perhaps?  I figured I could still try something Joker/Ella for you. somethingsomething … something not remotely jokey. oops? I’m sorry. I made myself sad. ;_;

The first time she heard him sing, it was an old child’s folk song, soft and breathy, a smile shared in the mess in the middle of the night over something that was almost warm milk, a moment that almost felt like family, a moment that definitely seemed a dream the next morning.

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Well... since we were discussing TSP... how about Ella. #8.

spine kiss

She’d dropped her ‘pad on the floor, eyes rolling as none of the books or games or vids on it were even the tiniest bit interesting, and is draped head-first out of her chair, the world upside down as she sighs, and sighs again.


Robert’s at Siddig’s house, building something for their science project, and for all they claim it’s something different everyone knows it’s gonna be a spaceship again.

It’s always a spaceship.

Space mad, Siddig’s dad calls them, sighing and shaking his head and smiling, just a little. Siddig’s mom’s smile is always a little sad there, as if she’s already saying good-bye.

Ella can’t wait ‘til they leave. Get her house to herself for a few years ‘fore she graduates.

In ten years.

Her sigh is a bit more audible this time.  Her shoulders slip with the force of it, and she has to grab the arm of the chair so she doesn’t slide too far and hit her head on the floor.

She has no idea how she’s going to survive the next ten minutes, she’s clearly going to die before ten years goes by.

If she’s stuck at home with nothing to do, someone should at least make some food before she starves.

Mama is ignoring her, singing softly to herself as she does something in the kitchen, but it doesn’t smell like tomato sauce, so that’s kinda terrible.

She could be making anything. Sometimes Mama makes things that shouldn’t be food, and then she just laughs when Ella and Robert don’t want to eat it.

Not making you something else, my little ducklings. 

Ella wants spaghetti.

She’s pretty sure she’s not getting spaghetti.

She hears the back door squeak, but no clumping or shouting, so Papa’s home already, not Robert.

She considers getting up to say hi, but that sounds hard. She might run out of energy and faint or something, like those ladies in the old vids they show at the community center sometimes.

She sighs again, and closes her eyes, and finally manages to convince her hand to scratch at an itch at the base of her braids, and sighs again, though it’s more ‘cause it feels nice than anything else.

Mama’s song stops, and Papa’s saying something, though she can’t hear what, so she opens her eyes, and he’s sliding behind Mama, his voice a soft murmur as his hand moves across her back and he leans in to drop a kiss on the bump where her back meets her neck, right above her collar, and Mama hums something, low and laughing, and Ella groans, and shuts her eyes again.


Worse than brothers, sometimes.

Does no one care that she’s starving?

1. Forehead kiss for Ward Shepard?
belated response to this, sorry for the wait, clio

The first time he’s close enough to kiss her, she threatens to kill him, and he just lifts his eyebrows, as if that’s normal


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Kirkwall or Starkhaven?
make me choose: Kirkwall or Starkhaven

fuck the free marches. seriously. everyone leave.

Isabela woke up in the middle of the night, and felt the shift of the waves beneath her, and she smiled.

She slipped out of bed, quiet and slow, and smiled again as the sound of heavy breathing never shifted a bit, contended and safe enough to finally sleep well, and true, and deep.  Not even a catch of breath as she opened the door of her cabin, and latched it quietly again behind her.

The air was cool, and clear, her crew settled quietly enough at their duties that she could just enjoy herself for a moment, or two.  She climbed up to her favorite perch in the rigging, and tilted her head back, and breathed.

The stars were perfect.  Endless and bright and scattered, as they only were far out to sea.  All she could smell was rope and brine and the slightest hint of tar and varnish, still lingering around the wood of railings and mast and deck.

She closed her eyes, and shifted the grip of fingers and toes, and let the night pass by around her.

Free as a gull, and infinitely prettier.

Headshot/Bust Commissions… help….



I didn’t want to say it was an emergency but I do need some help, it’s already hard having to type this out without feeling really guilty for sounding whiney…… but this past week I took a lot of time off from work due to health reasons and I’m in dire need to get some money together. With how quick the move happened a lot of my money reserves have been depleted and I am currently grasping for pennies… With bills being due and rent needing to be paid and also on top of that replacing my tires (which are about ready to pop) I am doing my best to not pull my hair out. So I am opening up semi-emergency headshot/bust commissions… I know I still owe a lot of others my first set of commissions but I don’t have ample enough time to pour myself into them given my current situation…. but I do plan on getting to them soon when this is leveled out…. believe me, I am trying so hard for some calm…Here are some examples of what the headshot/Busts will look like:





They will be a lot cleaner of course….

I will be opening up 10 slots and each head shot will be $20 and busts will be $30.. I will try my best to knock out two a night or more… And if I can get through them at a decent pace, I’ll open up another round….

So if you’re interested please email me at: brushfiredaisy@gmail.com or note me here if not it’s okay, times are rough… but if possible please boost…

Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for any inconvenience this is…..

Thank you again,


Edited again, Adjusted prices and added busts as well. SORRY FOR THE DISORGANIZATION… im slightly overwhelmed…



Here is the link to the City Lab article and the link to the actual website, Turn On Detroit’s Water.

h/t to amomenttothink for retweeting this.



So I checked how Solstice’s doing on Greenlight and hot damn did it climb!

With a little support we should be able to keep this spot and - who knows - maybe even get greenlit with the next batch!

Let’s do this, guys! :)

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doing fine, but stressed, and feeling writerly-inept … I have stuff queued to post through September, to keep up with the #yowd goal, but I am considering just moving it up to all post in a row or something, to see if it gives me a kick-start of some sort to get back into writing?  

Y’all want a bunch of tiny ficlets overnight? 

also belated thank you to everyone who commented on the Aveline Pac Rim thing, that is one of my favorite things I’ve written this year. I may have to put a star by it on the master posts, or something. :D

/I suppose I should update the master posts, actually. oops?

Flight Rising Legacy Challenge: Water Flight

So, I wasn’t sure I was going to do a second round of the legacy challenge, because my first gen from a water egg fae dragon lady is, imo, quite gorgeous, so she doesn’t need help being ‘attractive’. 

That said, it’s kind of fun? SO

Bred Aysu with Dhaval, and wonder of wonders, got a five egg nest, and my heir is XXY and has TWO GENES. WHOO!

/of course, finding a decent black/black/something to breed her with may be a challenge, but I don’t want to lose the xxy-ness? WE SHALL SEE.

And possibly wait. A long time. But hopefully not. *knocks on wood*

I’m very glad the AH can search by color and flight now; it’ll make this much easier to lurk for a decent color/gene spread. <3

Imperial-Father-Dragon and four siblings will all be going up for sale, I think; if they don’t sell in a week I’ll be exalting them.

LMK if anyone is interested! <3

34 points, for five egg nest, five treasure genes, two of which and an XXY landed nicely on the heir doubling bonus. :)

I know you've already done quite a few, but I would really love to see Isabela with #11? Much appreciated :)


Channelling Tretchikoff idk

Strosca, 4 :) ?


The next morning, Sten’s arm doesn’t wake up until two hours after he does.