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There is no plan here; please enjoy the random. And the Dragon Age.
And so much crying about G'loot Praktaw.
Did I like your FR/dragons post?
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NSFW happens, but I try to keep it behind the cuts.
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I had therapy today, and am even more behind on sleep than usual; I have not the brain for more questions. I can answer some though. :D

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Day 1:

Tell us how you got into The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

How did you hear about it, and what made you decide to listen?  What were your first impressions of the show and when did it really stick for you?  

Did you listen straight through the first time, or did you pick a particular segment and finish it before going back and listening to more? Any final thoughts on your first impressions of the show?

#gdi annakie this is all your fault

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I missed the existence of #30 Days of TAH before today, and let me tell you, that tag is just a delight <3 

So clearly I must join in

slightly belatedly

starting in a separate post ‘cause it’s stupid long?

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MCA Hogarth started it. She drew Free Time and then I drew it and then she drew a Deadline and then there was the Deadline Slayer and since she’d already created a character class at that point, well…


Phillip Fathom by Rahzzah


i decided to color these sketches i did awhile back.

Sailor Scouts 2.0



the sea gets cold in the morning sometimes

knowing isabela is learning that you can see something new each time you gaze at that which you already love.


Some nights her joints ache and twinge, from days spent running around in heavy armor. Some nights her whole body aches with tiredness. Other days it’s her spirit that hurts the most, when there’s another guard who loses their life under her leadership, or she’s just a moment too late to rescue that young child from blood mages. 
Her shoulders will stoop as if a large weight has been put on her back, her footfalls are heavy outside of the cobblestone path and once she’s inside their home she’ll lean against the door and close her eyes as if the effort of moving is too much. 
When she looks up, it’s always to warm brown eyes and rough hands gently removing her armor for her. Until she’s standing there in not but the padding she wears underneath it, and those warm hands rub her shoulders until she can’t feel the ache of that responsibility anymore.
Aedan Cousland
A song for Aethelenn
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A song for Aethelenn, interpreted by some bard. B]


[Caption: I am in love with tumblr user onemooncircles’ artwork. Her style really shines, no matter what she’s working on (though her turians are particularly fabulous), and her linework is absolutely flawless.]



Anthony Head does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



What’s this about? As you might have seen me mention, my friend’s wedding is fast approaching this October. We’ve been friends for fifteen years now, and have never been able to hang out often due to living in different states. To cover all the travel and hotel expenses to go, I’m going to have to save up about $600.

So, I am re-opening my commissions officially, and have added a new quick pencil head sketch option!

Are you running any specials this time around? I am! Any commissions above $25 will get a free $5 pencil head sketch, and commissions above $40 will get a free print from my stock.

What about your Etsy store? If you’d like to buy one of the pre-made sketchcards I still have up there, please do! Every little bit helps, and the cards will remain at their discounted price until my stock is cleared out.

And your Patreon? There are select commissions available as rewards through my Patreon, so check those out too! I will continue to show comic previews there, though previews will take slightly longer while I work on commissions. I am still very much on track for launching the comic for everyone this fall.

How do you accept payment? Paypal is the best and easiest way. Payment for commissions under $40 I have to ask for in full up front, above that 50% up front, and the remaining 50% upon completion of your piece.

Anything else to know? I will not draw sexually explicit content or extreme gore (so basically keep it PG-13ish).

Please, reblog and spread the word! :)